Jual Denso Tape 50MM Di Jakarta


Jual Denso Tape 50MM Di Jakarta

Sell ​​50MM Denso Tape in Jakarta . If You Are Interested Please Contact Adi Tel. 021-2268.3317.-Hp. 0819.3236.9677. Cheap price!

Selling 50MM-Denso-Tape-Tape-in-Jakarta

50MM Denso Tape in Jakarta .

Denso Tape – approved in the UK and offered corrosion protection for buried and open pipes as well as cables and metal fittings. Denso Tape, the world-leading anti-corrosion tape suitable for synthetic fabrics impregnated with neutral petrolatum compositions. 

Cost-effective   features and benefits  
Elastic that is applied to cold and can at various temperatures.
Does not deteriorate due to wear – does not harden or is taken back  
Resistant to mineral acids, salt, alkali, and very air resistant  
Can be used on any type of pipe, cable or metal fittings   

50MM x 10 Mtr Denso Tape Rolls are the first petrolatum tape shipped in the UK, purchased under license by Winn & Coales (Denso) Limited


Supplier: Winn & Coales
Width: 50.00mm
Length: 10.00mm
Thickness: 1.15mm
Weight: Kg
If You Are Interested In 50MM Denso Tape In Jakarta Please Contact Adi Tel. 021-2268.3317.-Hp.0819.3236.9677. Cheap Price and 100% Original.

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