Jual Gas Cutting Machine HK-30A Huawei

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Jual Gas Cutting Machine HK-30A Huawei. Jika Anda Berminat Silahkan Hubungi Laris Sejahtera Tlp.021-2268.3317.-Hp.0819.3236.9677. Harga Murah!


  1. Adjusting handle:When traversing the handle, the torch moves left or right.
  2. adjusting handle:When traversing the handle, the torch moves up or down.
  3. Contrate gear rack
  4. thermal baffle:Stop the thermal diffuse outside.
  5. balance-weight
  6. two-port valve:Adjust the gas-flow rate.
  7. on-off handle:Hold tightly the machine is off and hold loosely the machine is automatically on.
  8. adjusting handle:Adjust the moving speed.
  9. Power socket
  10. Cutting oxygen switch.
  11. Gas delivery hose.
  12. Normal-reverse switch.
  13. Universal wheel
  14. cutting nozzle


1 Weight (body) 10.5KG
Accessory 3.8 KG
2.Machine dimension 460 mm×360 mm×240 mm
3.Speed control SCR control
4.Power source AC 220V±10%
5.Cutting speed 50~100㎜/min
6.Cutting thickness 5-30㎜
7.Bevel angle 0~45°
8.Diameter of the cutting circle Φ50~Φ550㎜
9.Tip G02(for acetylene)orG03(for propane)
10.Motor   DC110V   50HZ  30W   4200RPM

Contents of package

1) Body 1set
2) Unit assembly of the standard torch 1 set
3) balance-weight 1 set
4) Tip G02 or G03 #1,2,3 1 pc each
5)  up-down foundation(Include contrate gear rack) 1 set
  6)  Gas-in junction 1 set
7)Spanner 1 set
8)  Specification sheets and certificate of qualification 1 pc each
 9)  Power cable 1 set
10)  Radius gauge(set screw) 1 set
11)  Special clamping fixture for groove 1 set
12)  M5 inner hexagon spanner 1 set
13)  Phillips screwdriver 1 set

Jika Anda Berminat Dengan Gas Cutting Machine HK-30A Huawei Silahkan Hubungi Adi Tlp.021-2268.3317.-Hp.0819.3236.9677.-WA. 0813.8000.6216. Harga Murah dan Original.


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